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Default lxdream v0.9.1

A new version of lxdream, the Dreamcast emulator for Mac OS X and Linux has been released!

This is the first time this emulator has been added to our archives.

Release Notes

Lxdream 0.9.1 is mostly a performance release (core emulation is a good 33-50% faster, although rendering performance is still bad), with a few new features like VMU and LIRC support. As for 0.9, the majority of software can be expected to "just work" with minimal problems.

Nevertheless this should still be considered an alpha release, with many unimplemented features remaining. You're unlikely to see 'perfect' emulation, and we're nowhere near being bug-compatible (in other words, don't expect your code to work on the real hardware just because it runs correctly in lxdream).
Changes since 0.9
  • * Lots of core performance improvements, especially with the MMU turned on
  • * VMU support (memory card only)
  • * GDB remote debugging support
  • * Quick-save states
  • * LIRC driver
  • * Now uses the ~/.lxdream directory (by default) to store runtime data
  • * Audio + input drivers are now built as plugins
  • * OSX: fullscreen support, minor UI improvements

Known issues

The following are known problems in 0.9 that will be fixed in the next major release - in other words, you don't need to report them - we already know
  • * Graphic artifacts related to translucent triangle intersections, sorting errors and/of lack of depth precision.
  • * MMU address translation (eg linux, wince, etc) is painfully slow to the point of unusability.
  • * Rendering performance ranges from barely acceptable to abominable.
  • * The SH4 emulation is not cycle accurate, and (by default) usually runs slower than the real one. This cause some programs to have timing problems or to break completely. In some cases this can be worked around by adjusting the CPU scaling factor (-m command line option)
  • * Audio quality generally ranges from poor to horrible, interrupted by the occasional bit of fair-to-middling sound.

System requirements
  • * GTK 2.6+
  • * Current (2008 or later) ATI or NVidia binary OpenGL drivers
  • o If anyone wants to fix the free drivers, lxdream specifically requires a working implementation of either the EXT_framebuffer_object or GLX_SGIX_pbuffer extensions.
  • * System 10.4 or later
  • GCC, Make, etc.

The current version has only been tested under Linux and OS X, but it should be able to be built without too much trouble on any reasonably modern BSD as well. However non-x86 platforms are not supported at this point (there are known endianness issues).
More information can be found at the author's webpage, Lxdream can also be obtained here, as well as in our archives here.

via emuwiki.com
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