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Default .gen / .bin files (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive)

Is there a difference between .gen and .bin files for the Sega Genesis? There doesn't seem to be a header.

I'm wanting to assemble a disc of Genesis games for Genesis Plus DC, but the file list builder won't respond to .gen files. I figured that there wasn't a difference, and renaming the file extensions wouldn't be an issue.

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Default Hmm...

I dunno what .gen (another format like SMD?) is, but I know .bin is best because it's pure binary format and is necessary for hacking ROMs and applying hacks to ROMs. I don't know why would want to use another format, unless you acquire a ROM (by hook or by crook) in a different format and don't need to convert it for hacking purposes.
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I think the only other format other than BIN I've heard of is SMD, I think GEN is simply a less genericly named bin.
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