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Default Gens/GS Milestone 6

A new version of this Genesis / Sega CD / 32X emulator is available. These are the changes.
Milestone 6 introduces the following new features:
  • Mega Drive Plugins v0.1.0. The initial version of the plugin system only supports render plugins and only if they're built into the main executable. A later version will add support for external plugins (.dll on Windows, .so on Linux), as well as more types of plugins, such as netplay, debugging, and movie recording.
  • doc/MDP.txt contains the MDP Interface Specifiction Version 0.1.0. This document is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License v1.3.
  • All renderers now support 32-bit color.
  • [Win32] hq2x has been fixed.
  • Scale2x now has optimized C and x86 mmx implementations.
  • New renderers: Scale3x, Scale4x, hq3x, hq4x.
  • Added a 32-bit color asm version of the Fast Blur effect, with mmx optimizations if available.
Milestone 6 fixes the following bugs:
  • [SDL] Ctrl+Q did not work in fullscreen mode.
Milestone 6 has the following low-level code changes:
  • Many x86 assembler files have been cleaned up. In particular, many of them no longer depend on the "nasmhead.inc" macro file. This macro file provided alignment macros (which nasm has built-in) and "DECL" macros, which provide both underscored and non-underscored symbol declarations. Only one of these is needed per symbol, and it depends on the executable format. Removing "DECL" and manually redefining symbols reduced the total symbol count.
  • Adjusted alignment values for many x86 asm functions.
  • Added alpha transparency support to ImageUtil::writePNG().
  • Major overhaul for the ImageUtil::writeBMP() code. Changes include using a templated function for different color depths, using pointer arithmetic instead of recalculating array indexes for every iteration, and fixing a bug that caused bitmaps to be 54 bytes larger than they should have been.
  • The "Render Fullscreen" and "Render Windowed" values in the gens.cfg file now contain the renderer tag instead of an ID number. For example, instead of saying "1" for the Normal renderer, the value would be "Normal".
Download the emulator at the author's website. It is also available here: Windows / Ubuntu
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