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Azul Fria
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Default RetroCopy v0.850

RetroCopy v0.850 is ready to be downloaded. You can install it over the top of v0.800 if you want. The Linux port of RetroCopy should also be here within a week or two, tell your Linux friends what they are missing out on in the mean time.

Here is what's new.
  • [GENESIS] Improved speed by 10-15%
  • [GENESIS] Fixed bug in SRAM handling that would sometimes cause a crash [Micky/Sasha]
  • [GENESIS] Fixed bug with IO reads that caused a few games to not register joypad reads [Micky/Sasha]
  • [GENESIS] Implemented /TIME mapper support (Beyond Oasis)
  • [GENESIS] Fixed issue with sprite limitation only allowing 79 sprites instead of 80. Fixes Risky Woods [Sasha/Neville]
  • [VIDEO] Updated libavformat/libavcodec
  • [3D] Fixed a few issues in the "old television" 3D model
  • [3D] Fixed a bug with OpenGL states in model class
  • [3D] Corrected issue with specular lighting
  • [3D] Fixed bug in shader that made "High" quality the same as "Ultra"
  • [3D] Rewrote part of the lighting shader to work better with NVIDIA hardware
  • [SOUND] Fixed issue with timing delays on lower resource systems. Solves sound buffering issues
  • [CORE] Implemented multi system support for the online game retrieval system now that arcade and gamegear are online
  • [CORE] Fixed linking issue with font engine and SDL
  • [DB] Updates to GameGear, SMS and Arcade databases
  • [DB] Added more descriptions for games instead of relying upon ROM description [Tommy]
Download it here or at the project website.
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