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You guys make me so happy I live in a country where Twitter and Facebook are blocked and where the microblogging fad died two years ago.

And where I can send hundreds of text messages each month for about $5. I never even had a mobile phone until 2006. Frankly, I hate it, and I only use it to send my wife messages on Tuesday nights to let her know when I will finish playing cards with my friends.

Oh, all right. I also use it to play Skat and Shengji on the subway.
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Originally Posted by pipes View Post
I am extremely lonely. It's not that I don't have friends, or know people, it's just that I don't talk to them or keep up with the latest bullshit. I don't feel like it's my fault for becoming so disconnected. The cause of my isolation is that I don't, and can't, communicate on the same networks that everyone has moved on to.

I don't own a cellphone, do not have a (old now)myspace/facebook account. Because I don't have a cellphone that also means I can't tweet(God, how I hate that word). I don't own a xbox. Everyone else does, and these are the mediums that people communicate and socialize with today.

The biggest problem of mine (or the world) is that I don't own a cellphone. I noticed that my stepbrother can get himself a girlfriend and meet up with a friend with just a text message. Calling someone and talking to them on the phone is outdated today. I don't know why cellphones even have a microphone anymore because no one uses them to "talk" other then ordering a pizza or some shit. I have a basic home phone sitting right next to me. The only calls I get is my work to bitch me out about something. Without the ability to text message, I am left in the dark about the latest goings on. I can't afford $100 or more a month to send a few bytes of fucking text.

From the rise of the text message and electronic messaging systems come the social networks. God how I hated these things from the start. Forget privacy, and announce to the world when you take a dump. When I was arrested oh so long ago for vandalism (I was crazy in my teen days), I didn't like the fact that my finger prints went on record along with my picture. Now my shit is "in the system." Back in the day, most people would agree with me and wouldn't want it as well. Today, it's in the norm to the extreme. People will post their pictures, birthday, number of kids that they have, single, in a relationship, married, blood type, and what ever they can get to post to update their "space on the web" coming short of their social security number. I remember that it was common not to start blabbing your personal information on the internet. Sorry I don't like my fucking profile online for any asshole to see. A classic example:
-Post on facebook my new house showing off bigscreen TV, nice sofa, a bunch of nice shit.
-Tweet going out of town for the weekend.
-Come back my shit is gone with a piss stain where my sofa was.

I can't even play multiplayer games with people. Xbox is the biggest thing today. You can talk to people, play online together in a team, text message, and a bunch of shit. The great thing about it is that it costs a shitload of money. Money going to M$ for nothing as it just links up with your friends xboxes. I have GOLD status. If you don't pay the monthly M$ tax, no party chat and multiplayer for you. You're SILVER status. Like you're some kind low class poor fag. I can do ALL OF THIS SHIT ON MY PC FOR FUCKING FREE! Games today are ALL made for the PC then ported to the other consoles with lower graphics. Plus, for most games, they charge an extra $10 from what the PC game is. You would think that because the PC has higher graphics, more compatibility, more functionality, and fucking cheaper, people would choose PC over the other shit... you would think. Exclusive games don't count, as they just got paid off to become exclusive. To top it off, you don't really own game systems anymore. They have basically become glorified cable boxes that you have to pay $500 for, and everything is pay-per-view.

Sorry I don't want to be fucked in the ass with monthly charges to get spied on, marketed, and ass raped just so I can talk with someone. I have a fucking home phone, irc, email, and voice chat on my PC. But whatever...
I feel ya man. I have a very similar view of the world currently. I have almost come to peace with it, so I thought maybe you could use some support:

You're not missing out on anything without XBL. Only a bunch of insecure 12 year olds waiting for their balls to drop and critiquing your everysingle breath. You're better off playing an online game on your PC. Many to choose from.

I only use facebook as an 'answering machine' and i post lots of fake and ridiculous content on there.

I hate the way this shit is ingrained in our society, but I need to use it as a method of travel if im going to corrupt the world in vengeance.

You have this, and I have my hate for hollywood and Info-tainment and reality TV... *puke*

It will get better man... look at how violently awesome music was in the 90s, it was almost an eruption in protest of the worlds fuckeditude.... things are a cycle.

Good luck Pipes man
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