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Default Have A Mario Christmas, Everyone!

In the spirit of the holidays, I'd like to bring your attention to a bevy of Christmas themed Mario hacks. Most of these hacks are quite short, so you'll have plenty of time to play them while waiting for Santa to come.

First up is Super Mario Xmas. This hack of the original Super Mario Bros. features new graphics, level design, music and physics. The hack was produced by a Russian hacker, TLT, thus features Russian text, but as it's Super Mario Bros, the text is mostly inconsequential. Retrogamers will also recognize a familiar Russian tune replacing the traditional Mario music.

This hack contains six levels of a moderate to high difficulty. (There are some difficult jumps but nothing cruel enough to qualify it as masocore.)


Next we have a pair of hacks from Darkdata entitled Toad's Christmas Adventure and Toadette's Christmas Adventure.

Each of these is a hack of the original Super Mario Bros. with new graphics, level design, music and physics. You play as Toad and Toadette respectively, trying to rescue your sibling and save Christmas.

Each hack contains four levels of mild to moderate difficulty. They're both quite nice and I encourage you to try them if you're a fan of the original Super Mario Bros.


Up next is an older hack by the name of Super Mario Bros 2 - Christmas Edition by BMF54123.

This is strictly a graphics hack that gives a Christmas feel to Super Mario Bros. 2, including animated snow.

As only the graphics are the same, the difficulty is obviously identical to the original game. This is definitely the longest of the hacks featured in this post, but if you've been feeling the urge to give Super Mario Bros 2 another play through, why not throw in a little yuletide cheer?


Finally, we have A Christmas Walk by MATTAN, a hack of Super Mario World that features very nice new graphics, new level design and a very festive selection of new music.

While this hack only contains a single level, it's a quite long level that is very nicely done, complete with day and night effects to simulate the length of Mario's journey.

This hack can become quite difficult at times, particularly due to the slippery ice that coats a great deal of the surface, but it's quite enjoyable and well worth a play through.


So there you go, five Mario hacks to enjoy this Christmas. If you know of any other Christmas themed hacks, or hacks for other December holidays such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, etc. feel free to post them below.

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Wonderful compilation, good work :)
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