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Unhappy Shittiest day ever!

Today is Lunar New Year's Eve. The sky is blue, sunny and so beautiful. But I see today isn't as bright as the sky. I had to get plenty of scolds, curses by my elder sister, my mother, and so on. I feel so depressed. How can I get out of the melancholy?
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Ouch, sorry to hear that. I can certainly sympathize, my family has also been a less-than-positive influence on my life. The only thing I have found to be effective in this kind of situation is putting distance between yourself and those that are hurtful. Sometimes a little distance can help relieve stress in the situation but in the long run you have to really examine the relationship. If you find the relationship is destructive, the only real course of action is to break it off.

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I say this depends.

If you love your family argue back your point. If you are in the wrong stop being a little dick and go somewhere with friends and smoke pot.
If your family is abusive (I doubt this because your sister is in on it making you the only opposing side) then leave that shit hole and go with friends and smoke some pot.
If you're some kid living with their parents stop being a dick and do what they say and don't smoke pot.
If your some dude living with your family stop being a bum, get a job, and move out. Once you get your own damn place smoke pot.
The pipes never clangor.
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Kid, if you are depressed - really depressed, go call a help line and talk to a counsellor. No real help here unless you want smart ass comments.

If you just upset because you were yelled at and are not going to jump off a bridge or somthing, go roll in a dead fish or horse dung. Not so sure if it works for you but it seems to make my dogs happy when they are blue. Well, until i scold them...........
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BRO!!! If you are depressed and feeling blue, take someone elseīs place, get your butt to this thread and read the funny comments!!!
They practically made my day. (canīt say that about my sweetheart man; she heard the news a known person had day during these past few days of blood cancer. It really hit her. She practically was fearing death upon her. Couldnīt do much. Just tried to draw a smile on her face....(with a red sharpie I wish I could) )

But yeah; if it is serious talk to a counselour a close mature friend. Donīt talk to a priest or a shepherd or theyīll rape you like some guys here did to the superman dog.

Another method is... laugh at nothing and about nothing. Laugh, laugh, laugh... senselessly laugh. If you feel like crying after a minute or less; do so, but donīt stop laughing.
Laugh at life and laugh at yourself.

Be Zen friend.
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