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Default Idea: Dubya Dragon

Call me a visionary, call me a dreamer, call me a loser who has an idea and won't/can't follow through to make it happen. But if there's anyone out there with a few man-months to spare and the mad skills necessary, but lacking an idea, try this one on for size:

Dubya Dragon, starring our hero, George W. Bush. His evil, relatively speaking, twin has captured Lady Liberty and W must fight through four missions of his political enemies to rescue her.

Enemies would change as follows:
William -> Bill Clinton
Linda -> Hillary Clinton
Rowper -> Bearded Taliban dude
Abobo -> Michael Moore
Chintai -> Saddam Hussein
Willy -> Osama Bin Laden (so that's where he's been hiding!)
Jimmy -> Bush's even more evil twin

This hack's distinguishing feature would be the utter lack of drugs, genitalia, or Nazi references. OK, OK, maybe I'll let Slick Willy throw an exploding blunt or 2 at ya, but mostly he'll wield a saxophone or a cigar (wouldn't want that thing to hit me in the face; I'd lose four life bars too!).

Anyone can edit sprites, but the key here is the ability to create believable celebrity likenesses using only a handful of 8x8 3-color tiles.

So who's ready to start working on this steaming pile of garbage? <img src=smilies/puke.gif>

Doc Woody
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