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Default Ideas for Super Metroid hacks.

I remember after learning air dash and speed ball(http://www.classicgaming.com/mdb/sm/mikez.htmhere</a>) I was looking for places to try that out. I'm thinking it might be cool to have places where those two tricks can be used. It doesn't seem likely that you could make friendly creatures that could teach those tricks, but that would be pretty sweet. Also, wall jumping is pretty fun, but many times in the original SM levels.. the wall jump defeats the purpose of the grappling beam. It might make the game more interesting if the grappling beam were really needed to get through some parts of the game(the more the better I think).

One more thing, it'll probably be complicated to implement and take a lot of coding. Maybe it's even impossible.. But I was thinking how cool it would be if the speed booster could be used to run up walls like Neo or Sonic(well, running through loops in his case). Maybe even on the ceiling... It's kind of random but it could be an interesting topic..

Feel free to post other ideas. as well as opinions ;D
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