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Default Sad sad monkey.

A small part from my website, CBX.

........GOT JACKED BITCH!!", but I didn't.
Okay, now the bad news.I saw *someone* talking, in THAT way to guess who, the wannabe pimp of the nation, Larry. I should tell her that he's a punk and he'll just fuck her then leave her high and fucking dry.But hey, nobody cares about me, I'm an freakin' IDIOT!!! (just venting) Hey this reminds me about the girls that I had a chance with but I blew it. Okay lets start with eight grade.First their was Brittany. Every thing was going smooth until she told my friend that I was ugly or some crap like that. I didn't know at the time she was joking. So in response I said "Ditto". My friend relayed that message to her, and well you can guess the rest. Then there was Tamisha.She liked me since mid semester in eighth grade. At the last eighth grade dance I got to dance with her, and we were talking about stuff outside. When she left, her friends came up to me and asked me if I'd liked her. I liked her alot but in a extremly sarcastic way "Nooooo!"
Since these girls had no fecking commmon sense, they told her I didn't not like her at all. hmm. But wait there's a hell of alot more. Jennifer was very shy but cute in the 7th grade. But when she came back to Park View in 8th.... wow. She was freakin gorgous!! I could of had a chance with her when she came running to me demanding a hug in 8th. But as an idiot that I am, I ignored ever sign and sat on my ass. Then I lost her to the hordes of teenage boys at Park View. Now there's Jessica. She was a nice girl in the begining of eighth grade. Once again I sat on my ass, then the hordes came. Now to today, the other Jessica. I could of done something, but I just got shy and such and avoided her. I do'nt know why, I'll probably never know why. Damn, my 15 years of exsistince has been horrible, but the 16th is coming soon so who knows whats gonna happen next.
To Be Continued...

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Default Re: Sad sad monkey.

Beauty, my friend, is only skin deep. Look for what's inside.<img src=smilies/thumb.gif>

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