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The 9th Sage
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Default Re: Translation Release: Space Knight Tekkaman Blade

> No, I believe translating the sound effect for a grunt of
> agreement, "umu," as "You bear." is the greatest flub ever.

Hm, you have a point there. Unless we're talking about some really agreeable bears.

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Default Re: Translation Release: Space Knight Tekkaman Blade

>As some of you may know my favorite childhood cartoon was
> Tekkaman Blade, this is the obligatory SNES game.

I hate when people watch series like that when they are child; I'm starting to hate my country. I just saw it when I was 16 (3 years ago)... Anyways, thanks for the patch and by the way, it's not a waste of talent. <img src=smilies/upeyes.gif>

EDIT: Haha, I just noticed your projects say that, "a waste of talent". <img src=smilies/cwm27.gif>

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