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Dr. Floppy
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Exclamation The Most Comprehensive Hack of Zelda 1 has Just Been Released

The Legend of Iowa

Hack of: The Legend of Zelda (NES)
Style: TOTAL Conversion
Author: Dr. Floppy
In Association with: BaddestHacks.net
Production: 2008-2015

Get It!: [url=http://www.baddesthacks.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=29]The Legend of Iowa, Version 1.00[/url]

Disclaimer: Despite being the first hack released under the "Baddest" moniker, its content is mostly PG-13.
(Copious profanity; mild 8-bit nudity. Illicit drug use/production plays a key role in the general plot.)

In designing this hack, I wanted to capture the original sense of immersion found in the early Zelda games. Fans of the original will know exactly what I'm talking about: epic exploration, multiple routes, cryptic hints and scads of secrets. But despite playing like a Zelda game, it establishes its own identity. To wit:

* The entire Soundtrack has been replaced. And in most cases, with 8-bit renditions of vintage techno/dance/rave classics!

* The Overworld is completely new. Graphics, layouts, etc. I even added animation & screen-specific Attribute Patterns!

* 18 New Dungeons. Or more accurately: 18 Meth Labs, nine per quest. Don't expect the same old tricks to work, either.
The secret pushblock isn't always going to be leftmost-center. (Possibly never!)

* New Dungeon Elements. In addition to the new graphics, layouts, animations and Attribute Patterns, you'll be dealing with new room secrets and enemy combinations. The doors are open, but you still need to find that pushblock to make a critical item appear! But first, you'll need to kill that small army of Darknuts & Wizzrobes...

* Work for Life. The number of complete heart containers has been reduced from 13 to 1. If you want to expand your lifebar, you'll have to seek out the 48 heart pieces!

* WAY More Bombs! They aren't exactly bombs in this hack, but they explode just the same. And if you play your cards right, you'll max-out your carrying capacity at 255!

* Stopwatch as an Item. Again, it isn't exactly a Stopwatch (nor is it easy to acquire), but you'll eventually have a form of portable invincibility to use against That One Boss™.

* New storyline, characters & enemy designs. Farmer Bob even grunts differently!

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Wow, this hack looks familiar . I posted a thread for my hack also but it seems mostly dead around here.
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