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Azul Fria
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Default DS81 v1.3 for DS added.

DS81 is the emulation of the Spectrum ZX81 for the Nintendo DS. It comes with a makeshift keyboard used to type characters on the bottom screen.

A word from the author

If you'd have told me 25 years ago that I'd be playing 3D Monster Maze on the bus on a device powered by batteries, I'd have said you were mad... Though if you'd have told me in the same breath we would have flying cars by now I would have believed you. Raymond Baxter has a lot to answer for.

So the upshot if this temporal rambling is DS81 which is an emulation of the Sinclair ZX81. The initial release (much like the original designers envisaged) laughed at the idea of high-resolution graphics on the ZX81, but since Version 1.2 DS81 has support for some high-resolution games.

Before you get too excited it should be noted that it is still early days for high-resolution support. Forty Niner by Cosmic Cockerel for an instance causes intermittent lock-ups. And Manic Miner won't run at all as it switches between hi-res and text in the same frame. This confuses the poor emulator no end. I wish it didn't -- it's a stunning bit of coding.

DS81 also includes a few games to try out. Note that I did not write these games, or own the copyright to them. They are included in good faith (as far as I know the authors do not mind this work being distributed), and if any of them want their work removing I'll gladly oblige:

ZX81 ROM 1981 Nine Tiles Networks Ltd
Mazogs 1981 Don Priestley
City Patrol 1982 Don Priestley
Sabotage 1982 Don Priestley
3D Monster Maze 1983 Malcolm E. Evans

DS81 also supports the loading of external files from a FAT formatted device. This is managed through the Dynamically Linked Device Interface (DLDI), details of which can be found on Chishm's DLDI site.

The binary distribution also has a version for flash cards that expect a Gameboy Advance formatted image. So if ds81.nds doesn't work, please try ds81.ds.gba instead.
Download the emulator Here

Visit the website Here
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