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Sliver X
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Default Dragoon X Omega II - Easy Type

Dragoon X Omega II was designed to emulate Dragon Warrior as much as possible. This, obviously, entailed a high degree of difficulty, with a major stressing on level grinding to complete the game.

While some enjoy the old-school RPG experience, many do not. Therefore, an "Easy Type" version of the game was made, which flows much more like Final Fantasy.

Level grinding is kept to a minimum, enemies are much less deadly, things cost less, and more.

If you couldn't get into v1.26, then this may be for you.

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Default Re: Dragoon X Omega II - Easy Type

i downloaded the game over a week ago but did not finish it until today.

i just wanted to tell you how great it is. it is amazing to see this level of artistry on the nes. if it were not for the colors i would think this was early super nes. the level design is good and the music sends chills down my back at times. the amount of changes is also impressive in that it did not feel like final fantasy at all but a new game entirely. excellent work.

i must also applaud you for the balance changes. i played one of the previous versions that had red menus and it was extremely hard. the easy type is not so easy but a lot more fun than older version.

i have some questions though. i see "spline helmet" in the armor list that came with the older patch but i searched everywhere and could not find it. where is it? and why is the homepage down?

thank you for making this excellent hack. a friend and i are wishing to translate into turkish and may ask for technical information at a later date.
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Sliver X
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Default Re: Dragoon X Omega II - Easy Type

Cool, I'm glad you liked it. A lot of work went into the hack, and it's nice to know people are actually playing it to completion.

The battle system and such was the last thing in the game to be worked on, and we did a series of public betas to see how the balance turned out. I got the impression from people that the difficulty was fine (And it was very easy for me considering I knew everything about the game), but it turned out a lot of people thought it was way too hard and relied on level grinding too much. Hence the version you played being released.

As for your questions: The Spline Helmet isn't obtainable in the game... I thought I'd set it in one of the last dungeons, but didn't. Ooops. Everything else was place properly, though, and the Spline Helm wasn't all that much better than the Regal Helm anyway.

The homepage is down due to the server bill not getting paid. Hopefully olaf will take care of that in a day or so.

And as for a turkish translation: It seems turkish uses a similar alphabet to english. Assuming it's not more than 26 characters, it should be fine, but any more and you're going to run into issues. Every tile in the graphics area where the alpahbet is stored is utilized for something.

Once again, thanks for playing.
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