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Default Frodo for the Wii v5

Frodo, a port of the Commodore64 emulator of the same name for the Wii has been updated to v4...and then v5 just after. Here's the change log for these versions:


* Fixed a truly embarassing bug with the HOME button on the wiimote. Unfortunately,
* ... It no longer links with Yohanes SDL version, which for some reason broke the menu code with the wiimote (but not the classic controller!). It's probably unrelated but I can't have it like that. Further investigation pending.


* Merged with the Frodo trunk and build the "SC" version. This should improve emulation somewhat (although there are cases where it's the other way around!). The palette also changes because of this.
* Save prefrences together with the C64 state when saving snapshots. This is useful e.g., to have game-specific keybindings
* More menu options to type common key sequences, turn on 1541 CPU emulation etc
* Link with Yohanes version of SDL-Port, which perhaps brings USB keyboard support. I haven't tested, so please test and fix the code.
* Fixed some key binding bugs
* Misc smaller improvements here and there

As always grab it at Simon Kragstrom's GoogleCode or get it from our Wii Frodo page.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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