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Default rationalization for moving

every apartment has problems....but damn.

2 days ago i'm falling asleep...but i needed to turn over to finally drift off...you know the feeling. something doesn't look right when i open my eyes to turn over. i sit up and look near the window...there's a black spot near the top of the frame that shouldn't be there. i get up and inspect it...can't see it. i grab my glasses and see a huge huddle of these lady bug looking creatures, except their color is pale green. must be 50 of them nesting there.

WTF? i get a frying pan and my lighter, put the frying pan underneath the group, and set them on fire for a few seconds. i finish burning them in the pan. since i'm creeped out, i go play on the computer.

upon returning to the bedroom i see one crawling across my pillow. more on the window. i exterminate them with a vengeance.

next day i catch another on the window sill and one more crawling across my comforter. i burn them as well.

so now i'm freaked out about sleeping because of this infestation in my bedroom.

now....today i get home from an outing, sit at the pc, and hear a noise in my bedroom like glass shattering and something falling. i have exposed, loaded firearms in my bedroom so i assume someone is in there....so i clear the bedroom. no one there. turns out the top window fell down and shattered.

the windows are the old 60s style with the turny lock thing sitting on the top of the lower window. mysteriously, all of mine broke in half so i can't get the leverage to lock the windows (still don't know how it happened). i spoke to the office twice and they never fixed it....oh well. i guess the top window lost friction or something and fell because it wasn't locked.

another problem since i first moved in is the fridge. the jackass who cleaned it turned the thing on before it could dry...so the freezer froze all the water in it. when it does its daily defrosting cycle, it melts. the fridge gets full of water and ruins anything in it, gets it in the veggie drawer, gets all over the floor, etc.

i smell gas by the stove constantly...no pilot light out and not enough to blow me up...but it's annoying.

my curtain doesn't close because the wand isn't gripping it when you turn it.

my toilet has a leaky gasket so it has to top off the tank every few hours.

stains are mysteriously appearing on my carpet when i didn't spill anything (side effect of the carpet cleaning wearing off?).

i'm paying $712/mo (includes parking). i'm going to live rent free until i move or i'm terminating my lease within the month.

sick of this shit...this is SO below me <img src=smilies/angryfire.gif>

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