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Default stupid sh*t

Sick as shit right now. I think I have a cold. Sucks because I just got over my last sickness. Today I find out that my stepbrother got suspended! Stupid shit. Teacher found drugs on him and was sent downtown the other day. Sick as shit and drowsy thanks to cough syrup I had to pick his punk ass up from school today. I don't know what the hell his deal is. You don't bring drugs in school. Anyways hes too fucking young to do that shit. I have talked to him time and time again. He hangs out with the wrong crowd and is always in fights getting fucked up on unknown pills. Smoking anything he can get a hold of. I mean what the fuck?!? What is he trying to prove? I bitch at him and don't listen a word I say. Does he think I am just making shit up and pulling his leg? Hes too wild and sadly I'm not his parent. His dad on the other hand seems to think the same thing. I can't stand it. Why and how he acts like that is beyond me. You can say shit like you where young too and you did stupid shit like that too. But that is not true I didn't do shit like that. Never did I get in trouble at school. Except a few times I was late and got bitched at royally by the principle. I don't know. He is just a little punk and I try to talk to him be there is no reason with him. I blame his dad! I would totally smack his ass so hard if he was my child!<img src=smilies/moon.gif>---*WHACK

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Default Re: stupid sh*t

I went through the same stuff with my brother.
Nobody wants to take anyone's word for anything.
"It'll be different with me," they think.
Wrong. My brother turned out Ok. A little faith, maybe all he needs is a good scare.
Hope you feel better.

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Default Re: stupid sh*t

take him to the scene of a drug related shooting. let him stare into the cold dead eyes of someone just like him who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

let him see some poor heroin addict slumped over the toilet dead from an overdose.

have him sit with the jackass in the hospital who had a reaction to his normal meds when they thought they'd be cool and do dxm like everyone else on the net.

drug users are the losers and scum of the world.

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