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Default 64th Note v1.0 (beta)

I'm currently putting 64th Note v1.0 through beta testing, so I'm announcing it here as well as on my own forums so it can get tested as much as possible.
v1.0 is based on Project 64 1.6 (rather than the previous incarnation's 1.4) and has all the features of v0.09 except Audio HLE (I'm still not sure if I'll put that back in). It runs USF sets the previous versions wouldn't, such as Mario Party, Bust-a-Move '99, and Mischief Makers and has a single DLL (rather than in_usf.dll and the additional RSP.dll that was always needed for previous releases). It still crashes under seemingly random circumstances (though it's generally stable), so I'm looking for someone to get it crashing reliably to give me somewhere to look.
You can get it http://www.halleyscometsoftware.com/...?showthread=48from my forum</a> (the most recent version is on http://www.halleyscometsoftware.com/...=48&showpage=3Page 3</a>) or from http://www.halleyscometsoftware.com/usf/64thv100b3.zipthis direct link</a>.

Oh, and for those who don't know, 64th Note is a http://www.halleyscometsoftware.com/usfUSF</a> plugin for http://www.winamp.comWinamp</a>.

plugin is currently at 1.0 beta 3<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by hcs on 09/08/05 02:01 PM.</FONT></P>
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