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Default FF3us/FF6 menu qustion

Myself along with Lenophis, DKK, and King Lettuce are working on 2 seperate but joined projects and we sort of have a problem. I can't find ANY window menu border size or position data. I've found some misc things and Leno and his crew have found the some misc thingsn but neither one of us have located any menu data. Along with menu border size/position data we can't find any other text positioning data--oh and let's not forget it seems when I remove a row the cursor can still select the spot where the old one was and the screen won't scroll down to show the other items. Here's a couple of screens of what I've found the past 3 days.

I've successfully relocated some new item names and battle commands as well as changed the length--but after 3 days of searching I can not find ANYTHING remotely related to the window border sizes, window border positions, and any other text positioning data. Our hopes is to compeletely redesign the menus in FF3us and FF6. If anyone has any info that can help is we'd be greatly appreciated. I've tried to email ChrisRPG or RPGone (who has this info) but his main email is no longer valid and I have no way of contacting him. Anybody know something?
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