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Default Pokemon Silver Advanced

ericgall23 has released Pokemon Silver Advanced, a modification of Pokemon Silver for the Gameboy Color System.

In the author's own words:

This is an advanced version of pokémon silver. like advanced Red. All the gym leaders are stronger,some wild pokémon location changed(some other are stronger). Geography
changed a little. Red also, uses different pokémon. The in-game pokemon trades are all changed too. For exemple, you can trade a Geodude for Elekid at violet city!

Headbutt is no longer required to catch the exclusive headbutt pokémon
like Aipom and Heracross, since they can be found in grass patches...
Unfortunately, Rival and simple trainers are unchanged... and team
rocket too unchanged... but since the wild pokémon are stronger, even a
little stronger than them. like all the wild pokémon in kanto are
between level 33 and 45, since you go there after beating elite four, right?

ericgall23 has also included a readme file that he suggests reading before patching and playing.

You can get this patch here.

Thanks to ericgall23 for the news.
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