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Default BeebEm v4.11

A new version of the BBC Micro emulator BeebEm has hit the scene. Here's what's changed in this startling new release:
  • Added AUN Econet support.
  • Added 'RAW comms' option for use with the serial port IP options.
  • Updated video emulation to remove screen stretching and fix cursor
  • Added some more shortcut keys, for use on laptops primarily:
    ALT 1 Quick save state
    ALT 2 Quick load state
    ALT 5 Capture screen to file
    ALT + Increase emulation speed
    ALT - Decrease emulation speed
  • Added support for the Master 128 numeric keypad.
  • Added option to enable/disable floppy drive controller.
  • Added option to enable/disable the real time clock Y2K 20 year adjustment.
  • Fixed bug in M128 BIT instruction (thanks to Michael Firth). Fixes some
    issues when using MOS3.5 (e.g. *CONFIGURE).
  • Fixed issue with file lengths in disc import option.
You can either get the new version over on BeebEm's website, or you can waltz on over to our BBC Micro section and take a look.

via EmuWiki.com
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