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Default SPC proper looping.

I'm trying to convert Final Fantasy 6 SPCs into WAV files, which will be eventually used as BGM files for FFXI. Unfortunately for me, I can't seem to figure out at what exact times the SPC should start the next loop, and where the next loop in the file starts.

(The BGM files are capable of looping, but they only support hex offsets, which I can figure out, thanks to Disch's post over in Tech Talk)

Any help? This is driving me insane, because this should probably be an exact science, not a practice session in listening for "what sounds right."

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Default nurr

Apparently I just didn't know how to do it right. Moogly brought up a way to get around the problem I mentioned.

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Default Wrong.

> The odds of all of them matching up
> so perfectly that you can loop without the sucky sideeffect
> is slim to none.

The odds of them matching up so perfectly that you can loop without a side-effect pushes 100 percent. Even if there are multiple samples being mixed at once, the fact of the matter is that in a looped sequence (which is the kind of music in most SPCs) the music will repeat and the samples will be triggered at the exact same times as before. If you make the loop point begin a few seconds into the second loop through the song to avoid voices sustaining through the first loop and then go back to that same point in the first loop of the song in the WAV file derived from an SPC, you will have a perfectly looping song.

Furthermore, this isn't even applicable only to SPCs that have been converted to WAV files. For any sample-based looped song on any console, you ought to be able to find proper loop points. Case in point, I downloaded an MP3 of the warp zone theme from Super Mario Sunshine and was able to loop it perfectly without any artifacting whatsoever using GoldWave and an extremely zoomed-in view of the waves.

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