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Default Your universe is under the control of manipulators.

(21:52:20) JadussD: i wonder if music is truly the form of art which allows one to go farthest away from the everyday world
(21:52:39) Coolie Ranx: painting
(21:52:43) JadussD: i am playing music now that comes from a source that i can't even define
(21:52:44) Coolie Ranx: that works, too
(21:52:48) JadussD: painting is close
(21:52:55) JadussD: architechture
(21:53:02) Coolie Ranx: naw. painting is right there, too
(21:53:07) JadussD: dictatorship. :|
(21:53:10) Coolie Ranx: ha
(21:53:17) JadussD: philosophy
(21:53:24) JadussD: history
(21:53:31) JadussD: archeology
(21:53:37) JadussD: i wonder if there's any definite structure to it
(21:53:44) Coolie Ranx: no idea
(21:53:49) Coolie Ranx: anything's possible
(21:53:49) JadussD: like who controls who
(21:54:03) JadussD: i'm thinking philosophers control the most others
(21:54:27) JadussD: because they make the ideas that influence the rulers.
(21:55:16) JadussD: if they have the a strong higher self, they can influence reality beyond an objective view of the spread of ideas.
(21:55:42) JadussD: even within it, their command of language will daunt those unskilled at rhetoric
(21:56:01) JadussD: if these people influenced those who write books on history, and the ethical process that goes into writing them
(21:56:12) JadussD: they would be able to change the course of history.
(21:57:38) JadussD: if the philosophers had among them higher philosophers who were in tune with a spiritual truth that can't be expressed in terms that can be viewed through the optic of philosophy, they could speak to other philosophers and use their occult power over ideas, and use weaker souls to spread their ideas, which are meant to influence mankind in a direction that their higher intelligence sees fit.
(21:58:06) JadussD: of course, if used by people motivated by selfish or incomplete understanding of their higher knowledge, they would deliberately corrupt mankind for their own benefit.
(21:58:18) JadussD: in order to change the course of history to what they see fit.
(21:59:40) JadussD: if what they see fit is a role in which they have power, then they will manipulate the world of ideas to put them in a place that they can do as they please.
(22:00:25) JadussD: in such a way, a population is kept ignorant to brace up a group of people with higher knowledge, who live human incarnations where they have the most ability to do as they please.
(22:01:38) JadussD: these people put themselves, in a material world, in a place where they have the most power, by emphasizing material, objective ideas in a way that makes them control by a world of ideas.
(22:01:45) JadussD: *controlled
(22:04:54) JadussD: by working in tandem with each other, these people can move about the world as they please. with amorphous, supernaturally charming personalities (charisma), superior intellectual skills, understanding of history, and initiation to orders or institution which give occult knowledge or lead intelligent people toward it (freemasons, skull and bones, scientology (for the weakminded drama queen celebrities), ivy league universities), they rise through social manipulation to positions of prominence and wealth.
(22:07:17) JadussD: by controlling art (the media), law (politics), current events (the media) and the ideas of a population about history, mathematics, and one's potential, allowed activities (schools, prisons), these people could in effect, manipulate a population into almost complete ignorance, and themselves into dominance.
(22:09:56) JadussD: the fact that places which give secret knowledge which is kept only to initiates have existed throughout known history (priesthoods, occult orders, knights templar, the catholic church), perhaps is not a coincidence for a being incarnated into a body in a place which is now being shown to be controlled through ideas which manipulate the population into relinquishing their potential to the manipulators.
(22:12:18) JadussD: alright, that's the conclusion i've come to: social control = soul born, crushed to pieces by mechanism of social manipulation.
(22:13:19) JadussD: the soul is kept from knowing what he really is, so that sickos can satisfy their own limited view of their potential, those who think it must be drawn from others, rather themselves.
(22:15:01) JadussD: this is the absolute sickest narrative one can think of: a situation where a more complete view of reality is understood by a few, and then these turn on themselves, enslave what they perceive to be outside themselves in order to gain a great advantage in their game of social control.
(22:15:57) JadussD: basically, rich assholes with a limited view of things make material realities an incredibly dangerous place to be
(22:16:08) Coolie Ranx: wow
(22:16:13) Coolie Ranx: i leave to wash my face
(22:16:16) JadussD: as they, like vampires, suck the life out of a population
(22:16:19) Coolie Ranx: and come back to a novel
(22:16:23) Coolie Ranx:
(22:16:30) Coolie Ranx: give me a minute to read that
(22:16:43) JadussD: sorry i was philosophizing the cannabis way
(22:17:04) Coolie Ranx: heh
(22:17:05) JadussD: which is to turn your mind into a stream of flowing primal thoughts which put learned thoughts into a different context.
(22:19:54) JadussD: now, consider this: if one was being manipulated by manipulators with a limited view of reality, it is possible that in this limited view of reality, they could create beings which adapt through selective breeding, caused by the manipulators' ignorance, which allows people to become as intelligent as the manipulators. in this way, the manipulators might cause themselves to be drowned in a sea of fellow manipulators.
(22:20:41) JadussD: if these individuals became intelligent enough, they might see where the manipulators stand, enslaved and limited by their own craven lust for power.
(22:21:42) JadussD: these individuals may become disgusted by this situation, and rise against the manipulators, who in their lust for power have planted the seeds of their own destruction.
(22:23:05) JadussD: when this message of enlightenment reaches the population, they can begin to usurp and create a system which allows them to rule.
(22:24:53) JadussD: by being enlightened, and not limited by a non-spiritual understanding of their places, explained to them as limited to various paradigms such as science, sociology, and aging, they might not see themselves as limited into being creatures which need to be ruled by others, and see that they have much potential which has been surpressed by ignorance.
(22:25:24) JadussD: when enough are enlightened, the manipulators will fade from existence, and immortality shall be obtained by the souls who do not submit to illusion.
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