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Dark Knight Kain
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Default New Castlevania III Hack!

Ha, I bet I'm going to piss a bunch of you off, they're just bugfixes. They fix the graphics used in CV1 that were miscolored in CV3.

·fix all (cv3).ips -All the Castlevania III bugfixes in one.
·fix all (ad).ips -All the Akumajo Densetsu bugfixes in one.
·fix holy water (cv3).ips -Fixes the Castlevania III holy water vial.
·fix holy water (ad).ips -Fixes the Akumajo Densetsu holy water vial.
·fix candle stand.ips -Fixes the candle stand.
·fix rosary.ips -Fixes the rosary (better known as the cross).
·fix money bag.ips -Fixes the money bag.
·fix points.ips -Fixes the points when you pick up a money bag.
·fix boobies (cv3).ips -Restores censored graphics, keeps enhanced graphics.

Q&A from the readme:

Q. "Why did you make this patch?"

A. Felt like it. I've known about these bugs for years, I decided to fix them.

Q. "Are you sure they're bugs?"

A. No. I'm almost certain the holy water is (It has a different graphic in Akumajo Densetsu)
and I'm almost certain the money bag isn't.

Q. "Will the patches work with Akumajo Densetsu?"

A. With the exception of the patches with "cv3" in their title they will work fine.

Q. "Why is there a seperate holy water fix for Akumajo Densetsu?"

A. Akumajo Densetsu's holy water is in a different location in the ROM.
It was terrible looking, they "fixed" the graphic for CV3 but it was still incorrect.

Q. "Why didn't you restore the censored cross?"

A. I don't know why people consider this censored. The Akumajo Densetsu cross had a lame
"glowing" effect to it, the Castlevania III one is more realistic. "Fix" this yourself.

Q. "Do you prefer Castlevania III or Akumajo Densetsu?"

A. With the exceptions of music and censorship Castlevania III is supperior in everyway.
Only "Japanophiles" feel the need to bash it for what were mostly corrections.

Q. "Why didn't you make an enhancement patch for Akumajo Densetsu?"

A. Didn't feel like it. I'm sure the Japanophiles would bitch if I did anyway.

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