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Default On multiple tables files, translation and pointers.

Thes are some rather interesting questions I have.

I know that at times, depending on the game, that a hacker will require multiple table files. And whether the hacker used a program to make the tables or does it by hand, it doesn't change the fact that there are multiple tables and only one game.

Text editing English NES games I only ever needed one table, maybe two if I wanted to edit the title screen, but now that I am branching off into translation I have run into Japanese NES games that need up to 4 tables. And the same seems to happen with GB/A games as well.

So now we get to the question part. Say I have these 4 tables for a game (in my case Dai 2 Ji SRW for the NES), two are for the title screen, one is for the main game and another is for menus. And for the sake of sanity, we will assume my tables are about 90-100% correct (the only thing I don't have in my tables are those spaces and blanks). Now lets say I load up title screen 2 table into my hex editor of choice, and instead of getting the nice Japanese text I should be getting, I get this $&^CI. I get about ten or so lines of that and then ### for the rest of the rom. I use tranlhexation, in case this matters.

First off, how does the editor know that after a certain hexadecimal value that the rest of the rom is irrelevant to the table I loaded? Second, why, if my tables are almost certainly correct, am I still get gibberish instead of Japanese text? I made the tables using PPU viewer and copied the values directly from there, so I know they are right (or at least they should be).

Next question. If I replace a 4 character Japanese word with a 2 character English word what do I do with those remaining two hex values? Can I delete them or just make them blank for the time being?

One last question. Is it just me, or does every Nintendo game use the same ANSI table where 41=A and 61=a? I seem to find this in just about every Nintendo game I work with. Is it just junk data?

Edit: Well I got most of the gibberish data fixed. All I did was put "space" just like that into the table where blank space was, and Japanese started to display almost correctly. Some still don't show up, but I got that fixed for the most part. Also figured out the pointers thing.
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