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Post Document Release: The Theory of Relative Searching

The Theory of Relative Searching (380KB - PDF) is a new tutorial that explains how and why relative searching works. This is an extensive document that includes exercises with which the reader can test their understanding of the subject. This is also the first Suicidal Translations tutorial to be released as a high quality PDF file complete with graphical examples and an easy to read layout.

Edit: Document has been updated to v1.01, fixing a problem with some of the internal links as well as a couple of small grammatical errors.

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Beautiful at a glance..in reading over this I'll keep in mind to reference others to.
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A great document, InVerse. I remember reading the beta version, I've copies of all your publicly released "beginner-level" docs saved - good reading, even since I went out of the "beginner-level" category, to what other category I'm not quite sure. I am, or at least was before being banned, Black_Phantom on the RHDN board by the way (who posted about gcalctool).

Kind of off-topic... I mentioned the unreleased "Basic ROM Corruption by InVerse" a while back on that board. As self-explanatory as corruptors may be, perhaps if you were to release the document you could highlight some trickier methods? Maybe even a guest writing appearance by Jigglysaint and a PDF like "The Theory of Relative Searching"?

Oh yeah, a quick reminder about "The Definitive Guide to ROM Hacking for Complete Beginners"...
Originally Posted by InVerse
I never would have believed the FAQ would have had such staying power. It absolutely needs to be updated.
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I've been working on Basic ROM Corruption again. I'm not sure that it will be released in PDF format, right now it's being written as a text file. While there certainly are images that could be displayed in relation to the tutorial, I'm not sure that any of them are particularly necessary like they were in regards to relative searching. Having Jigglysaint take a look at it once it's done and add his own contributions might be a good idea.

The Definitive Guide to ROM Hacking for Complete Beginners has also seen some work on it recently. I'm debating whether to simply update in it's current text format or do it as a web page. I may go with both, in this instance.

I'm also considering writing a second relative searching document called The Practice of Relative Searching which would deal with actual hands on experience and specific tools, if for no other reason that to give Monkey Moore some attention.

The problem is that now that I'm back into ROM hacking, I'm trying to do a whole lot of things at once. By the time I relaunch my website, I should have a few updated tutorials, a few new translations, several updated translations and a couple of hacks, as well. There may even be a couple of utilities, depending on how my foray into .NET programming works out.

And in addition to rebuilding the Suicidal Translations site, I'm also trying to put together a new ROM hacking related site, so I'm stretched a little thin. I'm pretty much at the point where I'm going to have to pick one project and work on it until it's finished before moving on to the next. It should all come to fruition this fall, however, one way or another.
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