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Default Emu Menu?

Ok so here's what I am doing and how I want it to work.

I am building a classic looking stand up arcade cabinet but im adding some modern day modifications (2 pull out controllers, 2 guitars on each side, pull out keyboard and mouse) basically an all-in-one system.

The thing is I want to be able to open up one program (probably has to be created within VB or Java) that has buttons that pulls up menus for each system.

Ok so hopefulyl we are all familiar with the Mame menu system, works great. But it only works for Arcade games which if thats all I wanted to use it for would be fine. But I want to have a similar system that I could use with all my emulators.

So to give you guys a forum visualization lol...

[Arcade] [Super NES] [NES] [Sega] [N64] [GameBoy] [PlayStation]

That would be how I would want my main menu to look (im tryign to avoid ever having to see the desktop, like one program to rule them all).

So after you click on the system you would liek to play I want it to either bring up a menu list like in mame OR if I could just make more buttons and just have a long list of buttons that are routed to the file and run the executable file from that button. I know this sort of sounds confusing but if I can gather any interest from mroe knowledgeable people I can definately go into more detail. Thanks!
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