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Reaper man
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Default so... 3 months pass and I'm still unemployed

ok, so I get fired from Best Buy early last march, and well I've been looking around for a new job and I'm not getting interviews or anything, or I'll get one interview and never hear from them again, and when I go back there they always give me the "oh we'll call you" BS now I'm starting to wonder if I'm filling out the applications right. You see I've been filling out the work history and putting down "quit" as the reason for leaving. I've heard that some employers will tell other employers the reason for leaving which if they are, then that is really screwing me over since it shows that I lied on the application. A few people have suggested that I omit Best Buy from the application, but my problem with that is the fact that there will be this big hole in my employment history that not only will not look good, but I'm not certain how to explain that away. Anyway, I have a few options here in regards to how Im going to fill out future applications.

1. Keep filling them out like I have been. This shows that I have more work experience and if they don't check up on best buy, then I have nothing to worry about., but I think they have been, but I don't really know

2. Omit Bet Buy completely. Well what they won't know won't hurt me. Unfortunately, I would show that I haven't worked in the past 2 years... I don't really know how I'm going to explain that one. Please note that I only worked at Best Buy fr 6 months, if that has any bearing on anything.

3. Just put that I got fired. Yay honesty right? But who would hired someone that got fired?

so, what would you do in my position?
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