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Default Where's the Beef??

Hmmm, let me think for a moment. Yeah, I've been around the emulation scene since June of 1996, can't remember the exact date when I started messing around with emulators or the time that I first registered on Zophar's Domain message board.

In all this time I've never had a complaint or wanted to speak out about anything that I felt was wrong. As I don't whine and I am not a drama scene whore trying to get attention. In fact I've been debating for awhile now about writing this post in saying that I am not satisfied with the task that this community is supposed to represent.

I've heard many things over and over again about this site dying because of the lack of updates, unable to develop a new design/theme for the community. Staff hired that are unwilling to work here for long (there is a good reason for that, usually).Not only to mention the now overwhelming annoyances of the ads that could contain a security threat to your computer at any moment. But also, I feel that the ads placed on the site are blantanly commercial in nature which suggests that the site is being viewed by its administrator more as a commercial vehicle than as a resource to serve the emulation community.

I myself, I feel that I have the right to file a complaint against this site. I've paid my dues here and even worked here for a period of time. I know a lot about the inner workings of this site and how it's operated and the procedures, etc. I can tell you this point blank. There is one man that is holding the community back, he is our "great" administrator by the name of SwampGas.

Out of all the negatives that I can easily mention, there is only one positive in the entire deal. The site and the message board are still here and functional to some extent, even though dramatically out of date (seriously folks).

Over the years I've watched him sit around and do nothing while others worked hard at updating, reworking the various sections to what it is today. Many people have submitted many website designs, only to be "rejected out-of-hand" again. SwampGas has not wanted to change the design because he IS lazy. And then treated many people like crap in flapping his jaws in the general chatter threads and whining about his women treating him like crap. (That's the reason and explanation to one of his comments saying that people abandoned him and the community). Many ideas were also submitted and then rejected because he hasn't wanted to do the work, apparently.

One such idea was to allow the community to make the updates themselves. This idea is a very sound one in my opinion. In fact, this idea is a very successful one in other places. This would take a load off of the staff and the main administrator, assuming that all goes well with it.

In a given community, a "Main Administrator" is supposed to be the central figure in the community and the driving force in which the site prospers. Not so with SwampGas, he has slowly made the site unpopular with a lot of people that don't want nothing to do with the site anymore. Like a famous political leader (won't mention his name, nor want to discuss politics), has made a lot of stupid decisions and has lost respect in the world. I believe that is YOU SWAMPGAS!!.

As for this site being just a file archive... are you willing to settle for that? Is that your excuse to avoid the work to keep this site from being as great as it used to be? Zophar's Domain is an emulation community, a hub of the emulation scene, and not a mere file archive that gets by on inertia alone, a shadow of its former glory. Know it. Remember it. Acknowledge what ZD is supposed to be. Keep the dream alive!

Yeah, go ahead and make excuses about what I just said. Go ahead and delete the post. Let me know how insecure you are about the truth.

Now.. you have the complaint. Start listening to people for a change and do something about it. I am tired of seeing this site slip into a pile of dogshit. For example, what happened to the update for this passing anniversary of the site????? That is just Inexcusable!!

(To tell all of you guys, I am not the only one that feels this way.)

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