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Reaper man
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Originally Posted by Goku View Post

Smother distress , president amount Brad dance bare vernacular biggest arena. Everybody kerääntyivät todistamassa jotain indeed hauskempi like Tee Folio : n distribution. Exempt vaahtokarkkeja oli died kaikille!


I do not think this translation is entirely well....good. I wonder why? So, i take it Brad became president and danced in a big arena. It became part of common vernacular. The he and Charlie Sheen does somthing and someone dies
According to google translate:

To stifle a state of emergency, the President ordered Brad to dance naked in the country's biggest arena. All gathered around to witness something even funnier than Charlie Sheen's breakdown. Free marshmallows were passed out to everyone!
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Unfortunately the Finnish failed to realize the Japanese Yakuza had replaced their regular free marshmallows with tiny Kirbys that infiltrated the bodies or whoever ate them. The Kirby host grew incredibly hungry and form an evil army eating everything in site, gaining more and more power as they absorbs the power from whatever they munched. The Kirby apocalypse had come there only hope rested on a King Penguin, but global warming had driven him out of his home. Where had Dedede gone, the only savor of the Kirby apocalypse...
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