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Default sdlMAME v0.3

Toad King of the TehSkeen forums has released a new version of sdlMAME for the Wii. Unlike previous ports, this is a native port rather than one that runs under Linux. Since this is the first release of this particular version, I'll quote the readme:
This is a port of MAME for the Wii. Unlike the previous SDL MAME for the Wii,
this is not based on Wii Linux. Please note that although many games work well
with the emulator, others may not work at all. See below for details.

Emulator Menu: WiiMote Home Button / GameCube L-Trigger
Insert Coin: WiiMote Minus Button / GameCube R-Trigger
Start (not all games use this): WiiMote Plus Button / GameCube Start Button
Up/Down/Left/Right - WiiMote D-Pad / Nunchuck Joystick / GameCube D-Pad
Button 1/2/3/4 - WiiMote 2/1/B/A / GameCube A/B/X/Y
Back (Exits current game) - WiiMote Plus + Minus Buttons / GameCube Z Button

Controlls can always be changed from in the emulator options.

  • Lots of ROMs are supported, but not all of them. If you don't see the ROM in the list in the emulator, then support for that ROM isn't included. This is
    to keep the size of the emulator low enough to run effectively on the Wii. A
    list of all the ones that are can be found here:
  • Just because a ROM is supported does not mean it will run. Even games for
    early boards like CPS-1 can fail to run due to RAM limitations. If the
    emulator suddenly kicks you out to the Homebrew Channel, look in the MAME
    app folder (/apps/MAME) for a file called errors.txt. If it says something
    about failing to allocate space, then odds are the ROM can't run on the Wii.
    The emulator might also crash outright and leave you with a code dump if RAM
    runs out.
  • Only software rendering is supported. This makes playing games without using the frameskipper slow, but the auto-frameskipper feature is enabled by
    default. Might add GX support later to try to make it less choppy.
  • No USB support yet.
  • Stereo audio is disabled. (Due to floating point issues; will be looked into
  • The joystick on GameCube controllers can't be used. (Will be looked into
  • The default UI font is way too small. I've included a custom font I found on
    MAMEWorld, Helvetica LT. (http://mrdo.mameworld.info/mame_artwork_supp.html)
You can find this new build on TehSkeen, but you can also find it right here on Zophar's Domain.

via TehSkeen
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