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Default Sleep/Grinding Teeth, please help me.

Lately I have been really tired, and I have been sleeping all day basically even if I try to get up after 8 hours I'll manage to stay awake a bit but then need to go back to sleep. I work graveyards 21:30-06:00 and I have only been working them for two months or so, I can't remember if this has been going on since then but I know it's been going on for a month at least. It is really frustrating for me because if I let myself I will oversleep no matter what, or Ill wake up after 8 hours of sleep, get up for 2-3 hours then need to go back to sleep until I go to work. I have had a bit of a cold for the past few weeks but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. One thing I may need to be a bit more active, I used to go jogging everyday and now I just sit around my house all day doing nothing, lol...and this is everyday that I need this much sleep...Anyway, any advice on that would be welcome.

Another thing I thought I'd ask for advice since I believe the people at Zophars Domain Forums can fix all my problems in life(<img src=smilies/upeyes.gif>), is that when I am sleeping I grind my teeth a lot, I know this because A) my gf tells me I do it, and that it is so loud it wakes her up, and B) my mouth is sore when I wake up and I often have a headache, I havent really done any research about this on the net yet which I know I should, and I will now...Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with this, thanks a lot guys and gals.

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Default Re: Sleep/Grinding Teeth, please help me.


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