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Default I'm new to Playstation emulation, have a few questions

I downloaded ePSXe and PSx emulators. I can see that ePSXe is better in that it enhances the graphics, but in my honest opinion.. it sucks big ones since it can't play mds/mdf files without having you download virtual drive and go through some stupid crap i simply don't have time or expertise for. I downloaded Vagrant Story and it was a mdf/mds file, and ePSXe wouldn't even recognize it. I tried downloading winISO and ISObust in order to convert it to an ISO or a BIN file, which didn't do anything. I also tried downloading the virtual drive, which also didn't help much. After pulling so much hair from my head in rage, I downloaded PSX emulator which had no problem running the game at all. But anyway.. besides that, I have some questions.

1)Lets say I play Final Fantasy 7, which has 4 disks. When I am at the end of the first disk, what do I do in order for me to have the same data at the beginning of the second disk? Do I just quicksave it using F1, or do I save it to the "memory card" folder (how do I even do that any way?) Also, PSX emulator didnt come with memory cards, can I just use the same folder for both ePSXe and PSX? Also, what is the difference between .mcr and .mcd files that are in ePSXe memory card folder?

2)What would you say is the best controller to use for playstation emulators? Will any controller for PC work with these emulators?

3)When I download games, I get the BIN file and a CUE file.. the bin is the actual game, what then is the CUE file? Can I just discard it? Should I keep it in the same folder as the BIN file?

Thanks a lot! As you can see I am new to emulation and these questions may seem like a very amateurish stuff to you, but its all new to me!
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