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Azul Fria
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Default DaedalusX64 rev429

A new version of this Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP has been released.

Here's what's new :
  • [+] Add a low battery warning, can be enabled on global settings (thanks Chilly Willy and Grazz for helping)
    [!] Add correct savetype to Fighter's Destiny 2 (it boots now)
    [+] 13 games more will use DoubleDisplay (Thanks KingPepper for reporting them) [!] L3DEX will call F3DEX for the moment...
    [~] Fixed the ground on Fighting Force 64)

Get the emulator here or http://www.daedalusx64.com

via EmuWiki.com
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Default Poor emulator

Why are there releasing new versions of n64 emulator on psp, hardly nothing works on it apart from mario 64,forsaken,fighting force,mario kart 64 which is slow, the n64 is to powerful for psp and it's not worth the effort, only umpc can play nearly all of the n64 games, i'm not joking i have one and it can plays these games look below:

mario 64
mario kart 64
f-zero x
donkey kong 64
turok 1,2,3
turok rage wars
fighters destiny 1,2
killer instinct gold
aero gauge
forsaken 64
aero fighters

and many others the performance of the emulator is amazing it plays full speed with music, on the other hand the psp n64 emulator doesn't play many games it's very boring the best games don't work it shows blank screen.
I've already sold my psp long time ago now i have this umpc which had xp installed but i installed beta version of windows 7 which is one of the best windows os ever developed and it will be released this year can't wait for it.

I'm sorry about saying horrible things to psp but n64 is a joke on it and isn't worth the effort.
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The harder it is to get something working on a particular piece of hardware, the more interesting a challenge it is. Emulator developers work on whatever projects interest them; not on what random people on forums say they should work on, so criticizing their choices is both futile and presumptuous.
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