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Default I wonder if there's a program that does this?

I was interested in possibly converting wav files to spc files. I was hoping such would be possible as it would make it easier to develop game music for the SNES.
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There aren't any free programs that I know of that do this. I would suggest using a mixer in fl studio (cheap) or RADstudio to mix the sound inputs, I have never really converted .wav files into .spc.

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You don't know what you're talking about. Please stop giving advice.
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The short answer is no. If you had a mod or something (something that had a bunch of instruments and a sequence for those instruments to play) you could do it in theory, but it'd be a lot of work since not all games use the same sound code. You'd have to figure out a TON about how the sound on that particular game works (assuming you're trying to hack it into a game).
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