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On topic:
Perhaps you should try Bootcamp (I don´t know if it works on your G4 Powerbook - I´m not into Apple..) to create a WinXP partition just for PSX emulation. If that works you should get ePSXe, which is able to load up CloneCD images (*.ccd; *.img; *.sub). You´ll further need a PSX Bios (google that), otherwise PSX emulation won´t run at all. And, these images with more than 700MB fit on a standard 700MB CD-R, no need to buy 90min CD-Rs.
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Except that the G4 Macs use PPC processors. No Windows for that!

If that works you should get ePSXe, which is able to load up CloneCD images (*.ccd; *.img; *.sub).
ePSXe can only load ISOs and Bin/Cue dumps (Unless you use a third party CD-ROM plugin), I'm almost certain.

Also, after looking at things, no, plugins aren't cross-OS compatible. But there is an OSX port of CDRMooby:


It will let you run basically any disc dump format without the need for burning.

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pffff hahahahaha, anything is better than a piece of shit mac... but then again, it seems you already drank the kool-aid and became part of the apple cult, so you aren't going to listen to me.

Enjoy your inferior computer with an awful choice in emulators...
And this is coming from the only admin on this forum
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@schmocke: What Sliver said. Bootcamp only works on Intel-based macs. I'd like one, so that I could emulate more easily, but for now I'm stuck with what I've got.

@Sliver-X: Thanks for the youtube link. It helped me get things set up (in what I assume is more or less the right way), so now I've got cdrmooby and the Bios files set up in the right places, etc.

On the other hand, PCSX seems to think that .bin and .img are unsupported file formats. Is this an issue with the mooby plug-in, and should I try to look elsewhere, or is it more likely the disc images themselves? I'm in the process of downloading another game to see if I can get that to run, but if possible I would really like to play Chrono Cross, which was the entire reason I started trying to get this set up.

EDIT: I finished downloading the first disc of FFVIII, but that's not working either. Trying to run it from the menu, I get the same result as with Chrono Cross, but I've found that trying to drag and drop .bins results in PCSX trying to copy them to the bios folder.

...I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to let it do that. Am I?

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Hi there. I said I´m not into Apple, so sorry for you that the PPC cannot handle Windows.
I don´t know the emulator you use, but with that plugin it should be able to read your Chrono Cross Images. Make sure to put the CDRmooby plugin to the right place and select it within your emulator. Then there must be something like "load Discimage", load "imagefile", "load game from image" or something similar. Common imagefiles of PS1 discs are: *.ccd; *.img; *.sub - that means image was created by CloneCD or Alcohol120% (if anything fails, you can use these programs on a Windows PC to burn your images to standard CD-Rs and try these with your emulator..). Another format is *.cue; *.bin, where the bin file´s name has to be written exactly as is inside the *.cue file. Normally, if anything is setup correctly, you should be able to load the images by loading the *.ccd or the *.cue file. Final Fantasy is a special one - there are options for it inside the Windows based emulators, so I don´t know, if it works with PCSX.
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