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Default Custom NSFs?


I've got a bit of a situation. I'm working on an NES-styled game (not rom hack, just a game), and I was wondering if it were possible to "hack" NES music. Like, for example, if I could somehow take the SMB3 overworld theme and replace the notes with the NSMB theme.

Basically, I'm trying to build a soundtrack for the game using custom NES-styled music...

EDIT: Kinda like the music in Sonic Megamix, you know...like how the hacker made a "Genesis-ified" version of music from games like Sonic Advance 3, MegaMan 2, Sonic R...that kind of thing.
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You can make things from scratch in something like Nerdtracker.

It's also possible to hack NES music data (I've done it several times for hacks) but it involves a lot of reverse engineering to figure out and even then you're constrained by the limits of whatever the music driver was coded to do... There is no "defined" way to generate sound on the NES, so barring some examples where games made by the same company in a certain time frame share similar/identical music engines, it's typically different on a game-to-game basis.

You could theoretically hack the driver/engine to get around any of the previously mentioned limitations but that involves 6502 assembly and such.
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Okay...ummm...how about any program that can take a MIDI file and have each instrument sound like an NES instrument? Kinda like when you import a MIDI into GarageBand or FL Studio?
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