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Azul Fria
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Default Bizhawk v1.4.1

While I don't usually rant about stuff I update on the page and just say what's new, here's something that's got my seal of approval. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but what I have to say is directed more towards those who are into the video-sharing scene like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. who like to upload their gameplay videos.

There is a multi-system emulator going around called BizHawk that in my opinion, is shaping up to become among the best emulator of all-time. While there are still improvements too be made, there are several things so far that this emulator allows you to do that one would wish all emulators could do for some of the lesser supported systems and one of them is being able to record compressed AVI for Colecovision for example. Most people consider using MESS and record uncompressed AVI and compress it from there but with Bizhawk you can go through the process the same way you do with most Nintendo-related emulators that have that option. In fact, BizHawk was built to be based off each current supported system's best emulators like the recently added 7800 support is based off of EMU7800.

The mother of all features is the ability to import movie files from other emulators like lsnes, snes9x, etc. and if that don't float your boat, with the press of a button you can rewind the action then resume to correct any previous mistakes you made in the game. You can also fast forward the action to skip those annoying cutscenes but keep them intact if you are a longplayer as a speedrunner can choose to skip it altogether if possible.

You can download the emulator here and view all the current details here at http://tasvideos.org/Bizhawk/ReleaseHistory.html

Note: Copy all the contents of the dll folder and past them into the main folder in order to operate this emulator.
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