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Default Free42 v1.4.55

A new version of the HP Calculator emulator Free42 has been graphed up just for you. Read on for the changes in this revision:
  • Some improvements in the new BCDFloat code:
    . LOG (common log) is now precise for powers of 10.
    . MOD function now works for large arguments.
    . rounding fix in multiply now gets 1/3*3-1 and 10/3*3-10 the same answer, 10/7*7-10 is not the same, but this is correct (it depends on where you cut off the number).
    . optimisations to subtract routine.
  • Mac version: now uses $HOME/Library/Application Support/Free42 instead of
    $HOME/.free42 for persistent state, keymap, and skins. If this directory
    does not exist, but $HOME/.free42 does, the latter is renamed to the former.
  • Switching from a version using the old BCDFloat code (1.4.51 or earlier) to a version using the new code (1.4.52 or later) wasn't handled properly; it should handle the change in how Infinities and NaNs are represented, but it didn't. This is related to the problem fixed in 1.4.54. Starting with this version, all state files created by versions 1.4.51 and older are assumed to contain old-style BCDFloat, and state files created by versions 1.4.52 and newer are assumed to contain new-style BCDFloat. This means that BCDFloat numbers created by all previous versions of Free42 Decimal will now be interpreted correctly, however, any state file that has become damaged by upgrading from <= 1.4.51 Decimal to 1.4.52-54 will still be damaged, and the only way to make sure no such damage remains is to do CLALL and reload all programs and data.
You'll find it here, or right here on Zophar's Domain. You can find the Windows version here, Mac here, or Linux version here.

via EmuWiki.com
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