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Fla Flash
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Default I may get in trouble for this...

My boss is gone for the next week or two, so he left me in charge of the shop. hehe.
Well, I was running some doorhangers (those annoying things people leave on your doorknob when they come to your house and you're not home) on the diecutter today, and it was one of those "Sorry we missed you" things for an unnamed utility company.
I went into the office, opened the original file, um and changed all the lines next to the three check boxes on the hanger.
It now says:
Sorry we missed you,but while you
1. we had sex with your wife. She's actually pretty good.
2. molested your pets. Hey they enjoyed it.
3. planted a pound of cocaine somewhere in your house. Oh, and we called the DEA and told them exactly where it is.

I printed about ten of these on the laser printer and took them over and die cut 'em.

And when I got back to delete the file, the freaking Mac had automatically updated it. Now I've got to recreate the damned thing. The price for having a sense of humor, I guess. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>

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