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Originally Posted by Maximum Potion View Post
You know, Zophar, there are alot of documents and tutorials that redirect people here too. It's a household name :P
Because many of my other interests are similar (demoscene, game music, classic gaming, computer history), i find ZD referenced quite commonly when referencing non-emulation boards.

I think its safe to say that among the more techie net circles, this site is legendary... perhaps even iconic given its spot on the net historical time line.

Of course we have to remind ourselves we are all part of a much larger elite slice of culture that is aware of the geek-essence of the net. There's an entire population of mostly older people who's net knowledge is primarily of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Online banking, whatever else is advertised on commercial, etc... And there's a large teen/pre-teen population that has never known life before the internet, and still suck at it, being too young and having only a peripheral, perhaps even jocular, awareness of all things internet.

/broad generalization & speculation

Knowing Zophar's Domain is certainly a badge of pride in this context. Why we don't all have t-shirts is beyond me!
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