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Default adultswim

I was watching adultswim and noticed at the bottom of the screen in tiny print to go to boards.adultswim.com and make suggestions on the programs.

Well I absolutely hate some of the shows and this new reality shows in my opinion don't belong on cartoon network at all so I signed up to let them know this.

BTW the forum is censored so they automatically put bleep in place of any even mildly offensive language like when I used the word retarded to describe Metalopocolyse so watch the language so they'll know what you are actually saying.

Here's a copy of what I posted.

This is what I like, dislike, and think might make Adultswim better by adding or removing.




Robot Chicken

Death Note

Moral Oral

Venture Brothers

Code Geass

Big O



Cowboy Beebop


King of the Hill "just doesn't belong, I never really understood why this cartoon was even made"

Metalocalypse "metals ok but this show is just plain retarded, I'd use another word but it's the only one that fits"

Squidbillies "Terrible animation and badly written, just dumb"

Family Guy "I used to love this show but it's on every network constantly and has been massively overplayed lately"

PJ's "I just don't get it, maybe it belongs in an earlier timeframe for kids"

Clonewars "I'm just not a starwars fan and seems to belong in an earlier timeframe like 9pm"

Aquateen Hungerforce "dumb dumb dumb"

Home Movies "Terrible animation, terrible storyline, can't figure out why it even made it on TV ever"

The Mighty Boosh "foolish and I don't need gay guys doing really bad comedy and bad acting in the middle of a bunch of good cartoons since it destroys the mood, It doesn't belong on Cartoon Network"

I don't remember the name of the show but it's the show about Jesus and religion. I'm an athiest myself so I'm not insulted but the show is not a cartoon and is more like a really bad and stupid soap opera. I can't change the channel fast enough when these bad actors/actresses come on the TV screen.

Now here is what would be nice to see on adultswim

Dragonball "any of the series, it's addictive"

Yu Yu Hakishu "nice story and easy to follow"

More Inuyasha "I used to get up 2 hour early at 5 am to watch the 2 episodes you had on every weekday morning and couldn't believe you removed this show"

Kenshin "not great but a good show"

Trigun "Trigun is off the wall and action combined and I will watch it any time it's on"

FLCL "Weird and confusing but for some reason I couldn't stop watching it whenever it was on"

Hacksign "ok show and enjoyable to watch"

Outlaw Star "I've seen the entire DVD collection and still like seeing this show whenever it's on"

Duckman "Hey it's Duckman, what's more to say"

Vampire Hunter D "Just a different show with great action at times, breaks up the usual shows without making you want to change the channel"

Naruto "Lots of action, good story with good characters"

A final note. The new reality and non cartoon shows on cartoon network do not belong and I change the channel whenever they are on. This is a network for cartoons and that's why I watch it, I love cartoons and can't stand reality TV. You know what you get when you put non cartoons with cartoons, Nickalodien and I don't watch Nickalodien. Most of my friends at work won't watch network TV because of all the reality shows. Reality shows made me stop watching MTV because Music TV without music is not MTV. Cartoon Network should stick with cartoons or you may loose your audience to Disney or one of the other networks that may have a cartoon on when you have reality on instead of what made this network what it is.
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