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Default Re: xISO problems.

> I thought he had the original in the first place. Isn't it
> legal to have an ISO of your own damned games for YOUR
> personal use?
As I understand it, it would be legal for him to MAKE an ISO for HIS PERSONAL USE (emphasis only, not yelling), but it would be illegal to download an ISO.

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Default Re: xISO problems.

Thanks for your responses. Do you think its even worthit to emulate halo for xbox? Does it run at a playable framerate? And how are the graphics compared to halo pc (I run it on a Radeon 9700 pro)?

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Ugly Joe
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Default Re: xISO problems.

> Do you think its even worthit
> to emulate halo for xbox?

No. Especially since there is a PC port out already. Not to mention the copy you already have for xbox.

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Reaper man
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Default Re: xISO problems.

> Couldn't I just download the ISO files from somewhere

probably, good luck finding one (given one exists)

> or would I still need to have the disc?

if you have the ISO file, you probably don't need the disk (as if your CD drive could read it anyway ;p)

note: as I see it, this was not a rom request, just a simple question about if he needed an ISO (instead of the actual disk) in order to play a game on an XBOX emulator. It would be similar to "OK, I found this emulator called FCEUltra, so do I need NES ROMs in order to play the games?" you see, that isn't a rom request. It's just a question regarding how to use the emulator. now add "and where can I get them?" to the question and it's becomes a rom request and grounds for locking/banning. Sorry Flash, but I have to agree with Lillymon here

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