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> Seen this happen once, myself. Room still appeared fine in
> game. though.

SMILE has come a long way . . . Not saying it's bug free (actually, I laugh at that concept), but it is much better than before. Case in point:

I have just finished making SMILE's back up and recovery system . . . When you exit SMILE, an IPS is created for the most recent changes to your ROM (*not* all the changes... only the most recent). The IPS is stored in the back ups folder.

Let's say someone beta tests your ROM and finds a huge glitch (say, you enter a certain room and the emulator will crash) . . . You can use the recovery system to apply these patches to a fresh ROM, one at a time. After each, you can test in the emulator to see if that particular patch is what caused the glitch. If not, continue applying the patches. Once you find the patch that contains the problem, you tell SMILE to kill that one patch and recompile your ROM without that data in it.

True, you will lose some work . . . But only a little bit. The IPS data that you removed is stored in a seperate folder (just in case you accidentally remove something you actually needed). Since each back-up file is named by date and time, it is easy to tell when the error was created.
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