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Default SMILE, IPS'ing, and pizza

Sorry about the delays with SMILE version 1.0 . . . It's almost done now (finally). I'm in the process of adding IPS support (SMILE can currently create a patch, but I need to add patching tonight).

Anyway, a couple thoughts and questions:
-I could easily get SMILE to ignore the header when creating/patching IPS's... that way, all patches made with SMILE will work when patched with SMILE (ie- headered, non-headered... it doesn't really matter)
-if I do that though, all patches that are made with any other program would have to be made with a non-headered ROM... unless anyone has any thoughts on how to get a correct "guess" on individual patches?
-SMILE will allow a "folder patch", which will allow the user to apply *all* patches located in a folder to the same rom, at the push of a button.... this is due to Alliance being 20 small patches currently... does anyone else work this way? if so, should I make a mini-patcher program seperate from SMILE to allow this same function to be done on other roms???
-it will NOT be an undo feature, but I am contemplating how to use IPS patches as a way of tracking changes made to the rom, in order to reverse the changes if they are undesirable (this is kind of like "undo" but only at saved points).
-file comparing will be infinitely faster (ie- actually usable without leaving your computer for 5 minutes)
-should SMILE allow people to "deselect" portions of the IPS when patching (ie- patch only changes made to a certain area of the rom)

*Note* I am eating pizza.
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