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Default RockNES 5.00 beta 11

What's new for version 5.00 beta 11 (07/24/2008)
- Savestates were completly broken, it's fixed now.

What's new for version 5.00 beta 10 (07/24/2008)
- New ppu savestate block, PTB2. It joins PTB0 and PTB1, plus some extras.
The emulator won't load old ones, so keep up newest ones.
- New sound savestate block, DMC0. It saves fully the DMC channel state.
- Fixed a bug in the VRC IRQs (mapper 24 is ok).
- Fixed mappers 1 (Space Shuttle Project), 16, 65, 67, 69.
- Fixed inputs setup, plus some code cleanup.
- Fixed VRCVI stereo sound output.
- Fixed CRC32 calculation, oops!
- Fixed CRC32 checkups and forced header fixes.
- Fixed APU reset timing.
- Major fix regarding the PRG bank number masking (Action52 works).
- Reworked CHR RAM/ROM bankswitch and startup.
- Changed or improved a few things in the GUI.
- Fixed the manual disassembler.

Download from here
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