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And so, the final promotions are complete. I went over my list of 3 and hired 5 moderators, please welcome them:
  • Gil-Galad
  • Lillymon
  • Reaper man
  • The 9th Sage
  • Xeon3D
For those of you who didn't make it, better luck next time!

For those interested in why I hired who I hired, generally, what I looked at was total postcount (over 100), posts made since the opening (over 25), and dedication to this site. If you didn't make it on the list, chances are it was because there are simply more active people around. Don't take it to heart.

Last edited by Reaper man; 07-20-2008 at 11:51 AM. Reason: you spelled my name wrong >:{
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I think we (the ones that have been promoted) have a problem. The section that content managers saw on the right column of the main website disappeared. At least I cannot see it anymore (don't know if others do) and while trying to go into the index.php?=admin page (or similar) I get an error saying I'm not autorized.

Please other SMODS confirm if this happens to you as well, and Edman, when you can have a look at it.
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Originally Posted by Kojote View Post
i think the "content managers" should have moderator rights by default. obviously it isn't that way yet. once you qualify for cm you must be probably already trustable enough to have mod rights too.

this would avoid wasting more time in finding moderators and put work, where work is required.
I think the new CMs should be given their title
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