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Default SNES9xGX v004

michniewski has released a new version of his branch of the SNES9xGX emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii. The changes are as follows:

[What's New 004]

- added: option to disable AA filtering
(snes graphics 'crisper', AA now default OFF)
- added: mapped zooming and turbo mode to classic controller
- added: preliminary usb support (loading)
- changed: sram and freezes now saved by filename, not internal romname.
If you have multiple versions of the same game, you can now have
srams and freezes for each version. A prompt to convert to the
new naming is provided for sram only.
- changed: by default, autoload/save sram and freeze enabled

[What Was New 003]
- added: alphabetical file sorting
- added: background logo/backdrop + nicer menus
- added: scrolling in ROM selector
- fixed: switching between pal/ntsc ROMS doesn't mess up timings
- fixed: GC controller config works now
- fixed: freeze autoloading on ROM load
- fixed: zipped ROMS should now load in a reasonable time
- fixed: precompiled dols for autosaving to various locations (see readme)
- changed: GC default quickload slot (to sd) (thanks kerframil)
- changed: default load/save dirs are now "/snes9x/roms" and
"/snes/save/" (thanks kerframil)
- changed: Classic X and Y defaults aren't switched
- changed: if autosave is enabled, it doesn't ask to save SRAM
anymore. It is saved in the background.
- updated README

It can be downloaded from our SNES9xGX page.
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