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Default VIA $!@#!$# USB 2.0 *&@^@#* WINDOWS

So far so good with my PC.

Until I tried plugging in my iPod.

"This device might perform better if plugged into a HI-SPEED USB 2.0 port."

Waitwaitwait... WHAT?

It *is* a hi-speed port!

Even the device manager says the controller is a VIA Enhanced USB 2.0 controller.

So I go to MSI, and their site says download the fix from Microsoft.

Microsoft says the fix is part of SP2.

Except, apparently, IT'S NOT.

Any help? It's a K8T Neo2 FIR mobo with ON-BOARD usb 2.0.

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Default Re: VIA $!@#!$# USB 2.0 *&@^@#* WINDOWS

Maybe it's full speed instead of high speed? I recall that I had to specifically install drivers for my motherboard's USB before it would work at high speed.

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Default Re: VIA $!@#!$# USB 2.0 *&@^@#* WINDOWS

Via and Windows apparently don't communicate well. I think Via has a fix you can get. I went through the same thing with Via/Win98SE.

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Default Re: VIA $!@#!$# USB 2.0 *&@^@#* WINDOWS

check the bios and make sure the usb controller is set to handle 2.0 instead of 1.1

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