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Default Re: All I have to say is...

> But her inability to win won't keep the Democrats from
> nominating her. I'm calling Powell:Clinton with a Republican
> victory.

You really think Powell will run? I figured he was done with all this nonsense after the first term was up. But in all reality, I wouldn't mind Powell running at all. At least he seems like a decent human being....unlike some other presidents I know <img src=smilies/upeyes.gif>

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Default This boils it down...

There's monotone people like Ben Stein, that can use it to their advantage and become fairly popular making people laugh by saying things that make you go "wow, this supposedly boring guy is actually a bit witty!". Stephen Wright is the same way...totally monotone but the dude is hilarious when he wants to be.

Then there's Dick Cheney.

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